• Rock Sliders


    Ram Rock Sliders

    Our rock slider kit is made from 1.75" DOM tubing with .120 wall thickness. Since there are so many configurations of Rams, we cannot produce a fully welded version. The kit will come as welded as it can be, but the 4 tubes on each side will require welding so it can fit each vehicle properly. The rock sliders only come out as far as aftermarket wheels and tires with 4.75" backspacing so they do not protrude but can still be used as a step while still retaining boat side angles and protecting your trucks body. Most Ram owners will not be rock crawling with their trucks but there are moments in desert racing and daily driving when these are beneficial. High centering, pancake landing, tall body-scraping whoops, or being t-boned by a drunk driver on St. Patricks Day are all mitigated by rock sliders


    • Fabricated from 1.75" .120 wall DOM
    • Drilling/welding required. You can drill and bolt OR weld these to the frame
    • Frame mounts are included with 5 bolt holes in each


    • Drilling or welding (although these are mostly welded, some welding is required due to vehicle variations)
    • Wrench, Ratchet and Socket Sets