• Heavy Duty Adjustable Rear Links


    Bolt-on Mid Travel Adjustable Rear Link Kit

    The stock rear links on Rams have vulcanized joints which make the links want to stay in ride height position. If the stock links droop out, the vulcanized joint will spring back to ride height and alter shock valving and ruin ride quality. In the comparison picture you can see the quality difference between stock links and GOR links. Our links hold all the stock suspension geometry at neutral position but are adjustable. A heim at one end allows much more axle articulation and joint strength than stock.

    When paired with the bed cage and coilover mount, these will get 14" of bind-free travel

    This also works for lowering trucks. When a Ram is lowered on stock rear links, it causes the wheel to not sit centered in the wheel well. These adjustable links will allow you to perfectly center the wheel on lowered trucks.


    • Fits 2009-2018 Ram 1500
    • Allows for lift or lowering while keeping proper geometry
    • Allows increased wheel travel
    • Allows articulation

    Parts Included

    • Upper Links
    • Lower Links
    • Panhard Bar
    • Heims and Bushings
    • Hardware


    • Basic Automotive Skills
    • Wrench, Ratchet and Socket Sets

    Sold Separately

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    • King Bypass shocks
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