• Prerunner Suspension Kit


    An over-engineered mid travel kit will always out perform an under-engineered long travel kit. Getting 24" of travel means essentially nothing on it's own if it isn't functional travel. This is full a full prerunner kit, includes midtravel upper a-arms, rear link kit and stealth bedcage all at discounted prices along with all mounts and hardware required. Shocks and bump stops can be added to complete the kit.

    • 14" of functional wheel travel
    • Camber/caster correction
    • Adjustable ride height
    • Custom tuned prerunner valving (shocks are additional)

    Parts Included


    • Fabrication required including cutting, drilling, grinding (Welding required for 2wd)
    • Wheels 17″ 4.5 – 5.5″ backspacing
    • King shocks

    Sold Separately

    • Rear Bumpstop Kit
    • Front King 8" Coilover (2.5")
    • Rear King 14″ Coilover shocks (2.5" or 3.0")
    • Rear King 12″ Bypass shocks (Up to 3.5")
    • Rear King 2.5″ Bumpstop x 2.5″ stroke