• Stealth Bed Cage


    The stealth bed cage is a great option, not just for our race kit, but also to run 14" coilovers on the OEM replacement rear link kit. This was designed with bed-space in mind. The middle section has tube connectors so it can be removed quickly and easily for dirt bikes or a hardware store run and bolted back on for off road use.


    • Tig welded 2" DOM
    • Mounts for 14" coilovers
    • Option to add 12" bypass mounts and bump stop kit
    • Not visible from outside truck at line of sight
    • Ability to tie into cab cage and maintain race legal specs
    • Removable middle section for bikes or cargo
    • Can be used with a bed cover
    • Can be expanded for the GOR Race Kit


    • Cutting and Welding required (You will receive it 99% welded; only the mounts will need to be welded to the frame and holes cut for shocks and mounts)
    • Shocks Sold separately