2004+ Titan Bed Cage


This is a bolt-on prerunner style bed cage for the Nissan Titan. This only requires 4 bolt holes to be drilled in the frame for install (no welding required). Set up for an 18" travel shock. This set-up will work with both over leaf and under leaf springs. Capable of up to 18” of wheel travel with the correct shocks, springs and shackles.
Recommended Deaver Leaf Pack
Recommended Shocks: 3.0 x 18” Travel Bypass. 3.0 x 16” Travel Bypass with Rod End Extensions.
Shock Manufacture: All Brands Will Work
Axle: 2.5” Wheel Spacers Are Required

What's Included:
  • Shock Hoop
  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Lower Shock Mounts
  • Black Powder Coat